How it works

Through the Layaway system, a farmer creates an account. Using the scratch card, they start making micro-savings for inputs in denominations of UGX 2,000, UGX5,000, UGX10,000, UGX15,000 and UGX20,000. A farmer is required to keep saving until they accumulate the amount required to buy inputs for their land, at times farmers can present physical cash if they had saved less amount. Our Agent initiates a withdraw in the Layaway system, the farmer approves it and then seeds or farm input is given to him or her. This prevents farmers from borrowing money to invest in farming.

Step 1: Mobile layaway: Agro Supply’s unique mobile layaway platform allows farmers to use their mobile phones to purchase seeds and fertilizer and other farm tools in small increments without taking credit, farmers can make small payment toward their farming need for the coming season digitally using mobile money or using scratch card sold within the community by Agro Supply Agent.

Step 2: Input Delivery: Agro Supply delivers inputs to locations within walking distance of every farmer we serve.

Step 3: Agronomy Training: Farmers receive training throughout the season on modern agricultural techniques, training is done both digital through SMS and an AI system and in person through the network of our village Agents spread across Uganda.

Step 4: Market Facilitation: We connect farmers to large buyers, who provide our farmers with better price than the middle men and teach farmers about market fluctuations and post-harvest handling, so that they can time crop sales to maximize profits, during crop sales our village Agents capture the transaction between the farmer and the buyer and feed the information into our Layaway system to help Agro Supply determine the impact of our work on each farmers.