Nov 2020 Farmer -Lira
Veronica Juma
Because of Agro Supply, I am confident I will reach my goals. The fertilizer, new seed planting techniques and strong support from the field agents really made a difference.

Aug 2020 Field agent - Dokolo
Tedy Auma
There will be a reduction in youth unemployment because Agro Supply is pushing the youth to work for their communities and is pushing Ugandans to harness the power of agriculture. I am very proud to work for Agro Supply.
Aug 2020 Smallholder Farmer
Lillian Angullu
I joined Agro Supply because its supply us with good seeds at the right time and also provide us with Market for our produce something we have been lacking has smallholder farmer.

Aug 2020 Smallholder Farmer
Juma Geofrey
Before I was Agro Supply client, I used to produce no more than 8 bags of Maize out of an Acre…Agro Supply Hybrid seed and fertilizer, but also the new seeding techniques and the assistance of Agro Supply field agent made a real difference. I noticed that putting small amounts of money aside wasn’t difficult at all. I am confident that I will be able to reach my goals.
Dec 2020 Smallholder Farmer
Stella Apio
Buying seeds is impossible sometime since we women has so many things to do with our money so I joined Agro Supply because I can save little by little by buying scratch cards as soon as I have extra cash. Being able to pay for inputs benefits not only me, but also my family in the long run… If you have a good harvest, you have many choices.

Oct 2021 Smallholder Farmer
Dilis Alum

The mobile system allows me to save for seeds at any point I acquire some money. By the time the season is here, I have saved up a significant amount and I do not feel the financial strain as much as I would.

I highly recommend this SC Duma 43 maize variety, from Agro Supply to fellow farmers because of its ability to mature in a short period of time and high yield
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