About Us

Welcome to Agro Supply limited

Agro Supply Limited is a grain management and an input distribution trading company, has in just two years established itself as a major actor in the area and is transforming the Agricultural value chain in Uganda. We are integrating Agriculture with Technology, We asked ““What if seeds were sold like phone time? Buy a card; pay for a bit of seeds.” So Agro Supply has pioneered an alternative system that matches how farmers already manage their money. Using a prepaid scratch card model — similar to buying prepaid mobile minutes -—farmers can pay in advance for fertilizer, seed and training packages by buying a the card from Agro Supply at their local village store (from 50 cents to $50), depositing their money into a layaway account by texting in the scratch-off code.


Agro Supply Product

Agro Supply  is currently providing smallholder farmers with maize  hybrid seeds variety namely DK 8031 and DKC9089 to the farmers. The variety has proven to be high yielding potential, has early maturity trait and resistant to both draught and diseases than other cultivars.

Agro Supply  is sourcing this varieties  directly from the breeder in Kenya. The Varieties  has the following attributes:

  • Early – medium maturity hybrid 115 – 120 days
  • Prolific hybrid – yield potential up to 10 MT/Ha
  • Flint type and highly poundable
  • Good tolerance to disease (GLS, MSV, blight, rust and cob rot)
  • Good stability


Our Vision

” To be the leading provider of quality agricultural products essential to improving the livelihood of Smallholder farmers in Ugand


Our Mission

To create value addition by promoting sustainable agricultural solutions, improving competitiveness and creating market linkages