Agro Supply Ltd expects to see the number of farmers planting our seeds and enrolling into our Agro Input saving scheme  to continue to increase – a reflection of our good work and  effective outreach practices, and more farmers understanding the value of savings and investing in their farms.


  • We have recorded  50% to 100% increase in harvest yield per hectare from Individual farmers.
  • $100 to $250 in additional farming income per year.
  • We are working to increase the direct economic impact of our program to over $550 per farmer in the next few years to move each farmer above the poverty line.


Year over year, Agro Supply  expects to see the real income earned by farmers who plant with our seeds increase as they complete their savings goals, buy high-quality inputs and plant using better techniques, so in generally there will be increase Agricultural production among smallholder farmers in Uganda.

We are  focused on delivering the highest quality produce to East African food manufacturers, with a vision to establish and manage the first structurally-aligned, regionally-integrated, efficiently-capitalized and formal system for East African food production and trade. Agro Supply is nothing if not ambitious. The company wishes to not only turn a profit, but also transform the Agricultural value chain, promote food security, improve rural livelihoods and maximizes stakeholder value.

With All this facilities in place we will be able to do the following.