Post Harvest Handling Equipment ( PHH)

Agro Supply Limited in partnership with AgroZ Tanzania   is providing Uganda farmers with an innovative way of storing grain by using a multi-layered hermetic bag recommended for the storage of grains and pulses for six to nine months and sometimes longer period of time to protect against insects and pests without using pesticide dusts.

AgroZ® Bag is a hermetic storage bag. Once filled with maize or any other grain and closed, it acts as a strong barrier to oxygen. The oxygen already inside the bag is depleted by both the stored grains & pulses and the insects through their normal respiration. AgroZ® Bag is a fully organic solution for grain and pulses preservation and storage. It controls insect pests without any pesticide.
What kills insects is the oxygen depletion hence the importance of having a good barrier to oxygen.

We are also providing them with other storage equipment like plastic and metallic silos