Maize Value Chains.


Uganda is  among the leading maize producing country in Africa. Agro Supply Uganda Limited, agrain management and trading company, has in just two  years trying to established itself as a major actor in the area and is transforming the maize value chain in Uganda right from supplying smallholder farmers with good quality input to the farm gate procurement of maize grain.

Farmer production knowledge and use of inputs.

Smallholder farmers typically lack the production knowledge to achieve high yields, such as optimal plant spacing and timeliness of weeding and application of inputs (if used). Before Agro Supply Limited , most maize farmers tried to get by using the minimum of inputs, often neglecting to use fertilizer or improved seed varieties. The reasons for low input use are varied. Some cite a lack of access and availability, whilst others lack of access to finance or savings to invest. Others still describe how low prices disincentive them from investing maize profits back into the crop, perpetuating a cycle of low input à low output à low profit à low investment in inputs the following season. Compounding this, inputs in Uganda are notorious for being adulterated and may not perform as expected, leaving many smallholders to simply not take the risk.

Value Chain Development with Agro Supply Uganda Limited.

With the context in mind, this section describes how Agro Supply Ltd  is trying to  to overcome numerous challenges on its way to becoming a sustainable company capable of transforming the maize value chain.

Agro Supply Uganda Limited  launched operations during the January 2017 planting  season. The main difference between us and our  competitors is that our operations span across the agricultural value chain, including farm-gate procurement, logistics, now looking for Finances to Initiate a drying, cleaning, bagging, storage and  warehousing. Agro Supply  core business is supplying smallholder farmers with certified seed and later   aggregating and procuring maize from these smallholders in difficult to reach and dispersed places, where no other formal buyers go, and where even traders are infrequent between seasons.To remedy this situation, Agro Supply Limited  procures quality inputs at source from seeds companies in Nairobi Kenya  and markets these to farmers through the Agro supply input center networks These quality inputs have a substantial effect on yields.

“We are saying, we will pay for quality, we will be your stable buyer, we have local presence, and we will support you with knowledge , finance and access to inputs. If you want to grow, we’ll show you how, if you need advice we  are here for you – because we will both benefit”


Our slogan is that……………..

                                                           Together we farm for the Future.